"Wow....Love and Logic techniques are awesome skills. I have a toddler, a tween and a teenager. Mr. Ocker gave me some great ideas to use right away with all three kids!" ~ Mother of 3 Kids

"My wife and I took this class to get on the same page when it comes to parenting. After the second week of using the easy Love and Logic language, our kids thought we were brainwashed! They were confused but behavior changed. We worked together with Love and Logic and shared the control with our parenting. I recommend this "must have course" for moms, dads, and grandparents!"~Happy Dad of Two Children ages 9 and 13

"You want a break from your children? Take the Parenting the Love and Logic Way Course with Rob Ocker. He is a great speaker! You will laugh, learn and share with other parents while finding out what works and does not work with kids. Love and Logic works!" We dropped off our kids to some great babysitters (free) at the course and had some adult time!~ Elementary/Middle School Teacher and a Proud Parent of 4 Kids

"I learned about Love and Logic years ago. I knew I needed to brush up my skills as a Grandma of 8 grandchildren who learn so different today. After taking the 4 night course, I did not want it to end. I wish it would have gone longer. I am ready to use Love and Logic with all my grandchildren." ~ A Love and Logic Parent and now Grandparent of 8 Grandkids