The 7 Abilities of EmPOWERment



The 7 Abilities of EmPOWERment is a curriculum of concepts designed to teach higher concepts in organizations (families, schools and corporations) and expand the heart of successful systems by focusing on wisdom rather than knowledge.  The 7 Abilities are powerful tools to supportstrengthen and nourish children/adults to awaken the EmPOWERment we hold inside ourselves to end unhealthy and dysfunctional cycles.  They are immediately applicable and connect directly with our heart intelligences.


Ability  -  The power to do something










  • The ability to acknowledge one's own behavior and actions with reliability, consistency, and trustworthiness.


  • The ability to adapt to change and life choices using discernment and an inner guidance system.


  • The ability to understand the relationship of self, with others, and with the universe.


  • The ability to value who you are and "be" with reverence, dignity, and honor.


  • The ability to imagine, wonder endlessly, and create life how it could be, rather than how it should be.


  • The ability to be mindful of and fully embrace the multi-dimensions of oneself and integrate all brain, body, and heart intelligences.


  • The ability to be who you are, to act with authenticity, and to align with personal and professional emPOWERment.