Workshop Philosophy and Overview

Nurturing and EmPOWERing todays children.  Inspiring their parents.
Motivational Speaking and workshops By Robert Ocker


My Workshops are aimed at Educating & Empowering Parents, Teachers, and Corporations & Students.  Let's me provide your group with valuable tools and inspiration. Today is extremely challenging and the world we live in makes it even more difficult. Being armed with the right tools and information are essential to successful parenting. As the world has evolved at lightning speed, so have our children. These changes are the main causes of conflict occurring in the home and school environments. The old ways of parenting are not working with today’s children. And while our society has had a tendency to offer a pill as a solution to behavioral issues, I believe in finding solutions, instead of masking the symptoms.  My workshops assists parents with learning to interact with their children without conflict; this can occur if parents better understand how children have changed and what those changes mean. I want to help parents who are juggling work and family responsibilities make an easier transition from the workplace to the home. I want to share strategies with parents on how to parent in balance, and we want to teach parents how to empower their children in a challenging world by showing them the tools they need! Here is a sampling of the types of workshops for parents:


Parenting and Teaching the Love & Logic Way ® – Learn how to effectively parent and teach today’s children through alignment, rather than conflict. It is important to understand why the old paradigms of parenting and education are not working with kids today. Discover several Parenting Principles that will reduce anger, frustration and create cooperation between parent and child.


The Changing Awareness of our Children…How do we Reach Them….What do we Teach Them.  Empowering Your Child in a Challenging World using the 7 Abilities of EmPOWERment. Today’s world is much more challenging than twenty years ago. Parents are increasingly concerned about the difficulties their children face: They are unsure of the best way to advocate for their child within the school system, searching for alternatives to medication, and looking for tools to strengthen and empower their child. What does empowering your child mean? Empowering your child is to strengthen your child’s character (instead of weakening or controlling it), to teach responsibility rather than dependence, and to act as his/her ally, reinforcing he/she is not facing the world alone. This can be accomplished by giving your child a voice, seeing the world from your child’ s eyes, understanding his strengths and weaknesses, providing an outlet for your child, teaching him to ask questions and guiding him to be fearless rather than fearful. This workshop provides answers to these challenges and explains the tools necessary to empower children.


Parenting in Balance – 10 Strategies to Live in Harmony – Parents are so busy.  Parents are out of balance. A woman’s life is hectic, and a mother’s life is even more so. When a woman tries to do everything without the tools in place to manage all the pieces effectively, she will soon get overwhelmed, and burn out. Fatherhood is challenging and many children struggle without a father figure. By applying the 10 Strategies of Parenting in Balance, adults will obtain the desired harmony.


The Brain in Motion and Heart Intelligences – Using Movement and Learning to improve Student Achievement – Learn about the new brain research about movement and learning and heart intelligences.  We will look at movement and learning exercises to help align the brain, body and heart. Each day I try to assist adults in viewing life from a child's perspective.  To have them step out of daily life and look to see how certain actions they could make will create a huge difference in the happiness of their child. I know that there are many children that are better off because of it, but there are many more that need it! 


Robert Ocker

Family Dynamics Consultant

Motivational Speaker